• Epstein 101: Influence & Collusion

    Epstein 101: Influence & Collusion

    Jeffrey Epstein’s most powerful friend and political ally throughout the peak of his sick criminal enterprise was the 42nd President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton. President Bill Clinton forged a close personal friendship with the pedophile child trafficker which allowed Epstein a profound level of political protection. However, Epstein and Clinton’s relationship wasn’t built on blackmail, rather, it was a complex fusion of influence and collusion.


John Ferreira – Sifter vs the Shifty Grifters of the MSM The NEWSPASTE Podcast

Investigative journalism is entering a new era. With the introduction of the internet, people finally began being able to verify the information which the mainstream media had been telling them was fact. This has led us to the post-truth era and to the discovery that industrial scale deceit has been used by the powerful media organizations to manipulate the masses. These organizations continue to rule the roost, at least for the time being.   As the reporting of facts seems to now be the responsibility of an under-prepared, rag-tag band of independent media journalists, John Ferreira has created Sifter to aid researchers in finding information. On this episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast, Johnny Vedmore speaks to John Ferreira about his Sifter software which could help to change the face of modern journalism.   Find out more at or discover more links at the Sifter LinkTree   Support the NEWSPASTE Podcast at:
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“Neuschwabenland awaits us brother!”

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The Rise of Klaus Schwab – His Fathers Nazi Past, His CIA Training, & His Young Global Leaders.

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Audit Everything

NEWSPASTE helps the curious minded find some of the most heavily censored independent news articles online as well as publishing previously deleted articles of importance. It will also be a platform to study news articles from the past via Johnny Vedmore and NEWSHOUND.

The Murder of Stanley Setty


Discover how a spate of suspicious deaths throughout London’s nightclub scene led to the downfall of the British Government and meet the bizarre selection of characters that made it happen.

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